TayTay's Pokedoll wantlist.

As I stated in my sales post on pkmncollectors, i'll be starting a pokedoll collection. Not as hardcore as others. I don't believe my wallet would be able to handle it. Haha. Anyways I have a few pokedolls I want to get at the moment. I'd prefer trading some umbreon plush for them but here's a rough list.

-Marill (don't forsee this happening, will trade or pay 30+ shipping for a tto version. Hang tag isn't priority for rare pokedolls.)
-Raichu (25-30 or trading)

I have some items for trade aswell, you're able to see my most recent sales post here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16857419.html All sale information/policies/feedback is in the post. I'm a former Umbreon collector, and im able to trade items from my umbreon collection for pokedolls. I have quite a bit of merchandise for umbreon so just ask and i'll see if I have what you want and we can work out a deal for a trade?